Wooagenda for Woocommerce


Wooagenda for Woocommerce. A simple powerful plugin that can turn your Woocommerce into a booking calendar webshop for events, bookins and courses. With Wooagenda you’ll have a booking system that is simply to manage by importing CSV or just by adding dates and times into the backend.


  • Turn your products into booking calendars
  • You can individual activate a calendar for a individual product
  • Add multiply dates and times
  • The dates and times that are selected will be added to the cart
  • The dates and times added to the cart will be added to the invoice and stored into Woocommerce

We provided a standard design for the calendar but;

  • You can easily change the colors by changing a stylesheet, limited experience is needed
    For more information visit our Change styling tutorial.

Installation is done within 3 minutes.
Find out more about how to install the plugin on our Installation tutorial page.

Wooagenda is compatible with all major browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome. Besides this it is compatible with WordPress > 3.5, WPML and Multi-sites. It is compatible with lower then 2.0 Woocommerce installations and higher then 2.0 Woocommerce installations.